Function createArchiveObject


#include <include/bit7zlibrary.hpp>

void createArchiveObject(const GUID *format_ID, const GUID *interface_ID, void **out_object) const


Initiates the object needed to create a new archive or use an old one.

Usually this method should not be called directly by users of the bit7z library.

format_ID - GUID of the archive format (see BitInFormat's guid() method)

interface_ID - ID of the archive interface to be requested (IID_IInArchive or IID_IOutArchive)

out_object - Pointer to a CMyComPtr of an object wich implements the interface requested


Lines 45-50 in src/bit7zlibrary.cpp. Line 65 in include/bit7zlibrary.hpp.

void Bit7zLibrary::createArchiveObject( const GUID* format_ID, const GUID* interface_ID, void** out_object ) const {
    HRESULT res = mCreateObjectFunc( format_ID, interface_ID, out_object );
    if ( res != S_OK ) {
        throw BitException( "Cannot get class object", res );

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