Function BitInOutFormat


#include <include/bitformat.hpp>

BitInOutFormat(unsigned char value, const wstring &ext, BitCompressionMethod defaultMethod, FeaturesSet features)


Constructs a BitInOutFormat object with a id value, an extension and a set of supported features.


value - the value of the format in the 7z SDK

ext - the default file extension of the archive format

defaultMethod - the default compression method of the archive format.

features - the set of features supported by the archive format


Lines 553-557 in src/bitformat.cpp. Line 113 in include/bitformat.hpp.

BitInOutFormat::BitInOutFormat( unsigned char value,
                                const wstring& ext,
                                BitCompressionMethod defaultMethod,
                                FeaturesSet features )
    : BitInFormat( value ), mExtension( ext ), mDefaultMethod( defaultMethod ), mFeatures( features ) {}

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