Function getItemProperty


#include <include/bitinputarchive.hpp>

BitPropVariant getItemProperty(uint32_t index, BitProperty property) const


Gets the specified property of an item in the archive.


index - the index (in the archive) of the item.

property - the property to be retrieved.

the current value of the item property or an empty BitPropVariant if the item has no value for the property.


Lines 137-144 in src/bitinputarchive.cpp. Line 57 in include/bitinputarchive.hpp.

BitPropVariant BitInputArchive::getItemProperty( uint32_t index, BitProperty property ) const {
    BitPropVariant propvar;
    HRESULT res = mInArchive->GetProperty( index, static_cast<PROPID>( property ), &propvar );
    if ( res != S_OK ) {
        throw BitException( L"Could not retrieve property for item at index " + std::to_wstring( index ), res );
    return propvar;

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