Function BitMemExtractor


#include <include/bitmemextractor.hpp>

explicit BitMemExtractor(const Bit7zLibrary &lib, const BitInFormat &format DEFAULT_FORMAT)


Constructs a BitMemExtractor object.

The Bit7zLibrary parameter is needed in order to have access to the functionalities of the 7z DLLs. On the other hand, the BitInFormat is required in order to know the format of the input archive.

When bit7z is compiled using the BIT7Z_AUTO_FORMAT macro define, the format argument has default value BitFormat::Auto (automatic format detection of the input archive). On the other hand, when BIT7Z_AUTO_FORMAT is not defined (i.e. no auto format detection available) the format argument must be specified.

lib - the 7z library used.

format - the input archive format.


Lines 30-31 in src/bitmemextractor.cpp. Line 46 in include/bitmemextractor.hpp.

BitMemExtractor::BitMemExtractor( const Bit7zLibrary& lib, const BitInFormat& format )
    : BitArchiveOpener( lib, format ) {}

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