Function test


#include <include/bitstreamextractor.hpp>

void test(istream &in_stream) const


Tests the given stream archive without extracting its content.

If the input archive is not valid, a BitException is thrown.


in_stream - the (binary) stream containing the archive to be tested.


Lines 53-59 in src/bitstreamextractor.cpp. Line 92 in include/bitstreamextractor.hpp.

void BitStreamExtractor::test( istream& in_stream ) const {
    BitInputArchive in_archive( *this, in_stream );

    map< wstring, vector< byte_t > > dummy_map; //output map (not used since we are testing!)
    CMyComPtr< ExtractCallback > extract_callback_spec = new BufferExtractCallback( *this, in_archive, dummy_map );
    in_archive.test( extract_callback_spec );

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