In order to use the library within your project you need:

  • Target OS: Windows (both x86 and x64).
  • Compiler: MSVC 2012 or greater (MSVC 2010 supported until v2.x).
  • DLLs: 7-zip DLLs (v19.00 if you use the GitHub release packages).

The 7-zip dlls are not shipped with bit7z but they are available at

Note: in order to use this library you should link your program not only with bit7z but also with oleaut32 and user32 (e.g. -lbit7z -loleaut32 -luser32)

Note 2: even if compiled with the latest version of 7-zip, bit7z should work also with the dlls of previous versions, such as v16.04. However, it is strongly suggested to use dlls with the same version.

Note 3: the code has been tested with MSVC 2012, 2015 and 2017.

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